Monday, June 9, 2014

Job Creation Is Important to DACC Students

Many students attending Doña Ana Community College are doing so in order to gain the skills and credentials to obtain a job.  Some of these same students obtain student loans in order to attend DACC. Consequently, it is important upon graduation, that these students know that there are jobs available to them so they can enter the workforce and have the means to support themselves and begin repaying their student loans.

Governor Susana Martinez Welcomes Franco Whole Foods
That is why the event today announcing that Franco Whole Foods has chosen Las Cruces to locate their manufacturing plant was so important for me to attend.  The potential to add 160 new jobs to Las Cruces and  Doña Ana county is important to each of us.  The investment that Franco Whole Foods will make in our community will have a rippling effect that will bring positive results to our community.  It was also important to me to share our story of working with companies to provide corporate training so that the company continues to have the best trained workforce possible.  It is also important for the community to know that our Career Services Division is willing and able to help employers gain access to individuals seeking jobs.

This type of announcement should be celebrated.  We should also applaud the efforts of the Messilla Valley Economic Development Alliance (MVED), Las Cruces city officials, state officials, and the numerous private sector individuals involved in assisting Franco Whole Foods in assessing this area to become home for their manufacturing. I welcome Franco Whole Foods to Las Cruces.

To read more about the announcement click here.

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