Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lerdo Exchange

I remember stepping off the airplane in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the first time.  The airport looked familiar as all airports have a common flow.  However, the signage was in Dutch.  I was traveling with a group of athletes as we were about to embark on a 30 day adventure to the Netherlands and Germany playing basketball and softball.  It was my first trip to Europe.  It would not be my last. 

Last week  Doña Ana Community College hosted students and their advisers from Centro de Bachillerato Technológico Industrial y de Servicios Número 4 (CBTis 4) of Ciudad Lerdo, Durango, Mexico.  Our guests arrived on Wednesday, October 29th.  These guests spend six days engaged in actives designed to foster understanding of American culture.  In turn we who had opportunities to meet with and talk with our guests also learned about Mexican culture.  On Monday, November 2nd we say Adios to our guests.  We shared hugs and tears and promises that we would see them again in the spring. 

The hope of a future reuniting is strong as the partnership between DACC and CBTis 4 has spanned 32 years.  This exchange precedes the designation of Lerdo as a sister city to the City of Las Cruces by seven years. 

Lerdo is located 550 miles south of Las Cruces.  Ciudad lerdo is similar to Cruces.  Both cities embrace agriculture and celebrate festivals celebrating agricultural products.  Both cities produce wine.  Lerdo is located near the Nazas River much like Cruces is located near the Rio Grande.  While the cities share much in common our guests from Mexico are much like us.  As human beings we share a love of music, food, culture and fellowship. 

I look forward to the opportunity to visit Lerdo in May with a delegation from DACC. 

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