Saturday, January 10, 2015

America's College Promise

On Friday, January 9th at Pellissippi State Community College, President Obama unveiled his"America's College Promise" proposal that would provide free tuition for students to attend America's community colleges. It is not surprising that President Obama continues to draw America's attention to community colleges.  This administration has consistently recognized the role that community college's play in workforce training and development.  Whether or not Congress drafts and passes legislation that enacts President Obama's "America's College Promise" lies in the future.  However, the spirit of President Obama's "promise" is already happening at DACC. 

For example, DACC recently announced a wonderful partnership with El Paso Electric that provides scholarships for potential students wishing to become lineworkers.  El Paso Electric has invested in its future and the future of the Dona Ana workforce by providing scholarships for students who qualify for admission to the program.  For more information about the program contact the DACC Admissions Office at:  575-527-7710. 

While President Obama is seeking to make community college attendance free, community college attendance is presently very affordable. Over seventy percent of DACC students receive some type of federal aid whether that be Pell grant, loans or wages as a qualified student worker. The challenge for many of our students reaches beyond paying for college. Many are in need of part time jobs to support their families while they attend school. Others need affordable housing. Still others need affordable child care.  Adults returning to school face many challenges beyond paying for tuition. DACC remains committed to finding ways to support our student. I applause President Obama for recognizing the role community colleges play in workforce training and development.

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