Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Governor Martinez's State of the State Address

Governor Martinez delivered her annual State of the State address to the 52nd Congress of the great state of New Mexico on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.  You can read an article on the State of the State address by clicking this link to the Santa Fe New Mexican. Her theme of "Progress over Politics" was well woven throughout her speech.  She challenged lawmakers to choose, "progress over politics", "courage over comfort, change over stagnation, reform over the status quo."  Words of hope during an era in American politics on both the federal and state level marked by strong partisanship and deepening divides between political parties resulting in gridlock.  The failure to solve our country's challenges serves no one.  So, over the next sixty days, I will be watching the New Mexico legislature to see whether or not this era in New Mexican politics, with the Republican Party controlling the House of Representatives for the first time since 1952, can buck the status quo and address the issues of importance to New Mexicans.  Can divided government in New Mexico set aside their differences and focus on area of agreement? 

As I sat on the floor of the House of Representatives, I listened intently to hear our Governor's vision for education in New Mexico.  Governor Martinez said, "Because education is what plants the seeds of wonder, of curiosity, of excitement in a child; points them to opportunities and goals, inspires dreams about careers, and about better days; gives them hope." It was a spoken thought that I found myself in total agreement. She recognizes the link between a well trained work force and economic development.  Attracting new businesses to New Mexico hinges on several factors and as educators, we contribute to one pillar, a well trained work force. 

So, over the next sixty days the 52nd New Mexico Congress will consider higher education funding, potential changes to the lottery scholarship, workforce development legislation, Right to Work, and regulatory reform.  The decision made over the next sixty days will impact DACC students.  The most important need DACC students have is to know that a good paying job awaits them upon graduation.  May this legislature have the courage to choose progress over politics and ensure the economic future of New Mexico as they debate and pass legislation. 

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