Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why History Matters

Monday I had the opportunity to interview a former DACC president for our library archives.  I had the opportunity to interview the first DACC president during the dedication of a building we named in his honor.   Click here to see that interview.  My goal is to interview all former DACC presidents while they are alive to try to capture their reflections about their presidency.  Why?

First, as someone who has studied history I enjoy history and in particular I enjoy oral history. Second, I believe it is important for leaders at an institution to know about and understand its history. It is important to understand an institution's mission in order to understand an institution's mission. As an institution of higher education DACC maintains archives in our library that include important documents the institution must keep and wants to keep.  Some of these documents are necessary and others are wonderful artifacts that maintain information about some of the important events that shaped our current situation. These oral history interviews will be included in the archives and also housed on the institution's YouTube site.

Let me share with you just a little about what I have learned so far.  Both interviews have provided insights into our relationship with New Mexico State University.  For many of us who come to work at the college, the relationship makes sense. However, for many people outside of New Mexico and outside of both institutions the relationship seems odd.  However, both oral histories gave insight about how the "branch" came to exist.  The community college was established out of New Mexico State University to serve a very specific population for very specific careers in criminal justice, secretarial careers and nursing.  Career and Technical education is DACC's foundation.  There have been times when I have tried to move an initiative forward and had to work with a department at NMSU.  In working with that department a certain procedure was applied.  While in the moment I wondered about how the procedure came to be - the history of the relationship between DACC and NMSU helps explain the context in which the procedure came to be.

The interviews also illuminate how the community college evolved into the buildings and locations we occupy.  It is interesting how so often opportunities were seized and as a result our locations grew to include seven different locations.  The three locations in the city of Las Cruces evolved because new programs needed new spaced.  Our locations in Hatch (click here to see the ground breaking) and the south county evolved because we served the population through adult basic education and high school completion programs.

Edmund Burke once said, "Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it."  I believe that those who don't know the history of an institution are apt to run afoul.  How institutions evolve is important for understanding the culture of an institution.  The culture, often hidden, is the fabric that keeps the institution wrapped together.  As a leader of an institution it is important to understand the culture and how it evolved, particularly when trying to initiate change or enhance what is working.

Have you ever wondered about the person whose name is on a building?  Have you ever wondered about the person depicted in statue?  Have you ever wondered why an institution is organized the way it is organized?  If not, I challenge you to think about how an institution evolved into what it is today. I suspect you will find many unique stories and people.

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