Monday, June 19, 2017

Be Professional and Expect Professionalism

A mentor of mind once told me, "Don't expect from someone else what you don't expect from yourself."  I thought that was good advice.  I remember telling this same advice to the captains on the basketball and softball teams I would coach.  I would meet with the players who were selected captain and share with them my expectations.  My expectations for them were similar to the other players.  Be early, work hard, work hard every minute of practice, play every play hard, be a good sport, and most importantly be a good student.  I would also tell the captains that everyone is looking at you so you can't take any minute off.

This is similar for leaders.  If I expect our employees to deliver good service to guest, students, and prospective students then I need to do the same.  Leaders set the tone.  Leaders set the example. Leaders can't let down.

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